Kitty-A-Go-Go, A Well-Designed Cat Litter Box

Have you tried as many litter boxes for your cat as I have? We, Bella and I, have been through several and for one reason or another, we weren't happy with any of them, until I broke down and bought a Kitty A Go-Go Cat Litter Box... for us. We both like it pretty well and here's why....

First Bella... She can stand up fully in the Kitty A Go-Go box without hitting the roof! This is a large litter box compared to the others we've tried. It's 16" high, 21.5" long, and 18.5" wide so she can turn around and get out without lifting the roof off the tray, something new to her. So the Kitty A Go-Go has her vote.




Of course the real "decider" in the litter tray arena is the cat owner, being the one to have to clean the cat's bathroom. The Kitty A Go-Go is the easiest litter box to clean that we've tried. The drawer that holds the litter pulls out easily so you don't have to take off the top to clean the drawer, and there's a wide metal sifter that you use to rake the soiled litter to the front. And a scooper comes with the Kitty A Go-Go litter box, so you can scoop the waste right into the trash.

The Kitty A Go-Go comes with large plastic liners to place under the kitty litter. I suppose that these liners make it easier for some to remove the litter all at once. I did try using them, but some of the litter spilled out as I lifted the bags. I don't think the bags are necessary, as turning the tray contents into another container is actually easier, and I recommend scrubbing the tray every two weeks anyway.



The Kitty A Go-Go is not electric and we have never tried an electric cleaner, but I doubt if one would be easier to clean than the Kitty A Go-Go.

Oh, and did I mention that the Kitty A Go-Go looks great? I like the slick metallic cover, but other colors and even prints are available to match your surrounding decor.  Kitty A Go-Go is available at

UPDATE: This item is no longer available. Two other great cat litter boxes to consider are the Omega Self Cleaning Litter Box and the Litter Box LRIII


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Jan 20, 2009
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
Beth Graddon-Hodgson's picture

 I love the look of these,

 I love the look of these, though I have to admit, my cat has had success with a standard cover litter box. However, once I'm ready for an upgrade, this will definitely be kept in mind.

Beth Hodgson
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Feb 11, 2009
by Anonymous

Doesn't seem that convenient...

If I am gathering correctly- What you do is rake the waste to the front of the litter box and from there you use a scooper? How is that any more convenient then just scooping? Except for the pretty colors if that is the case this box is way overpriced and overrated!