Klick Table and Chair for Kids

It's truly amazing what they have for children these days. The Klick Desk and Chair Set iconlooks more like a piece of art than a place to make a piece of art. When its not in use, this modern desk and chair fits together into a cube.

The Klick desk gives your child an area where he/she can do homework or an art projects. The Klick seat is padded and is an optimal 12 inches high. There is also a storage area under the seat for art, writing and play supplies.

The Klick Table and Chair Set icon is the perfect size for children ages 3-7. When it's closed, the Klick is 17"L X 17"W X 20"H. That means it is also the perfect size for anyone whose a little tight on space.

It's available in orange, red, or green.

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Dec 11, 2007
by goldwinggirl62 (not verified)


That is an awsome idea! Love it!!