Klingon Corkscrew Lets You Enjoy The Finest Alien Beverages As Quick As A Phaser Blast

Every good Star Trek fan loves a great Blood Wine but unless you're at least half Klingon, opening it without a corkscrew is not really a good idea. Never fear, weakling - the Klingon Bird of Prey corkscrew is here to rescue you.

Ah - Blood Wine. Such a staple of Klingon culture, right along with a Gahk appetizer and a pet Targ for catching wild game in the woods outside the Capital. Unfortunately for weak and wanting humans, getting into your favorite vintage of Blood Wine, Romulan Ale or White Zinfandel (loser) is not as simple as smashing the bottle on your head-ridge or tearing off the neck with your gauntleted hands.

Instead, many of us are forced to use mechanical implements to achieve our purpose, wallowing in our own inability to use brute force while simultaneously glorying in our mechanical skill. Thankfully, there is now an option that lets us meet in the middle - the Klingon Bird of Prey corkscrew. Shaped just the ship that bears its name on the Next Generation series, the corkscrew is a chrome and steel masterpiece that is officially licensed and will easily grant you access to the beverage of your choice.

Just like the Klingons themselves, this corkscrew is simple and effective - no extra moving parts or human niceties - just the basics - get the bottle open and get the libations flowing.

Right now, you can get your pink hands on one for $19.99 via Think Geek.

Source: Think Geek