Knee Dynamo Charges Batteries While You Walk

Walking has always been a good form of exercise for our health now it's also a good way to charge our batteries. Luckily, US and Canadian scientists have created Knee Dynamo, a special knee brace that charges batteries while walking. Think of the possibilities.

Imagine walking on a treadmill for just one minute and generating enough energy to power up your cell phone for 30 minutes. Does it make you wonder what an hour's worth of walking would charge or how many mobile phones could be charged during a walkathon?

The knee dynamo contains a generator, an aluminum chassis and an orthopedic knee brace. "Using a series of gears, the knee brace assists the hamstring in slowing the body just before the foot hits the ground, whilst simultaneously generating electricity."

Who would a gadget like this benefit? Business people with various gadgets to charge, amputees who require power for their prosthetic limbs, stoke victims, soldiers, etc.

For more information on this healthy energy conservation gadget take a look at BBC news .

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Mar 20, 2008
by Anonymous

Great idea, I wonder if you

Great idea, I wonder if you could attach capicitators to these though, so that you can take them home and use them there, (if your mobile phones fully charged and you still need to walk some more.)