Knit One, Pearl Two - The Lampshade that Knits Itself

Sleeping Beauty is put to workSleeping Beauty is put to work

Just had to throw this one out there because I can't understand why someone would even begin to dream up this idea. Nadine Sterk, the designer of this Sleeping Beauty lampshade, is a graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven (Netherlands) currently displaying this piece as part of an alumni exhibit at the Design Huis. According to Sterk, this is "a lamp that develops like a living organism," slowly growing its lampshade at the rate of three rotations per hour. Huh. Yeah, that's pretty cool and all, but come on, now. I'd say we could use a little more flavor here, don't you? What self-respecting lamp would be caught dead in that?! I'd like to see the upgrade step the skill level up a notch and throw in some cables for added interest. Now that would be impressive, and entertaining to watch. Or a splash of color, perhaps? Couldn't be that difficult to add a few stripes, I imagine. But really, what the heck are you going to do with this handiwork when it hits the floor? Cut it up into leg warmers or something? (Ah ha, I sense a cottage industry in the making...)


Found at boingboing