Koenigsegg Set To Sell Street-Legal Supercars In The USA

Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg has certified one of its super-fast, super-expensive supercars for sale in the United States and plans to do the same with its yet-to-be-announced next model. This is great news for Americans who've been longing for a street-legal Koenigsegg – and have got the necessary $1.65 million required for its purchase.

You may not have heard of Koenigsegg but those with a Guinness World Book of Records handy can read about it: in 2005, a Koenigsegg CCR attained a speed of 241.63 mph (388.87 km/h) on Italy's Nardò Ring, breaking the Guinness record for the fastest production car in the world.

Now settle down, pardner, the CCR is NOT the model certified for American roads – that would be the Agera. No slouch itself, the Koenigsegg Agera won the BBC Top Gear Hypercar of the Year Award in December of 2010.

Manhattan Motors in New York City has been tapped to be Koenigsegg's first North American dealership. In addition to the two models (the Agera now, the “TBA” later) certified for road travel, Manhattan Motors will also be allowed to sell a single Agera One:1 – Koenigsegg's top-of-the-line supercar – though only under “show and display” conditions.

Eventually, Koenigsegg expects to open (or more likely, contract with) three additional dealerships to better serve customers across North America. Those of us with millions of dollars and a hankering for “hyper-cars” can hardly wait. (via AutoGuide.com)