Koenigsegg Brings Solar Powered 4-Seat Super Car to Market

A myriad of four seat supercars have been being introduced in the past few months, with such examples as the Porsche Panamera and the Aston Martin Rapide coming to mind. And since nobody likes to be outdone, Koenigsegg decided to bring out their own four-seater supercar for the Geneva Motor Show.

The Quant is a joint venture between Koenigsegg and NLV Solar AG. NLV specializes in photovoltaic technology and collection systems. If this new concept is put into production, it will be built on an entirely new platform. The concept will feature many of the same lightweight materials and design principals at the CCX, but with upgrades to the suspension to accommodate the extra weight.

Although previously rumored, power for the Quant will not come from the same 4.7 liter twin supercharged V8 hiding in the CCXR. It will be propelled by a pair of electric motors, one mounted at each rear wheel, that draw power from a Lithium-Ion Battery Pack. Together, they produce 512 horsepower and 550lbs/ft.

Regenerative braking has been incorporated to maximize the range of the Quant. Also included was a system of photovoltaic skins, provided by NLV, that cover most of the exterior of the vehicle. Koenigsegg hopes the addition of the regenerative braking system and the solar collection system will extend the range closer to 350 miles.

The Quant will also be equipped with a fully interactive multimedia system that includes blue tooth and iPod connectivity. All features will be accessible through a touch screen located in the central part of the dash.

The vehicle seen at Geneva was a prototype, but a working model is expected to be shown later this year.