Kogi Korean BBQ: Unique Mexican Meets Korean Recipes Powered By Twitter

Twitter is making waves in the restaurant business and helping different companies build not only interest but a following. The latest business to jump on the bandwagon? A Korean BBQ taco truck.

Kogi Korean BBQKogi Korean BBQ

Kogi Korean BBQ uses signature Korean foods like short ribs, spicy chicken and pork, and while they serve their foods in taco and burrito form to incorporate the Mexican influence, sauces used on the foods are a delicious culture clash. They use sesame-chili salsa roja, chili soy vinaigrette, and cilantro green onion lime relish.

The Kogi Korean BBQ has some very unique recipes, but what's really made their business unique is the role that Twitter plays. They use two trucks to get around to their Los Angeles clients, and the only way to know where they're going to pop up is to follow them on Twitter!