Kokomo Will Be World’s First Private Floatable Island

What do rich people, politicians and mob bosses all have in common when they take a vacation? Well, they like their privacy.

And they will soon get just that and lots more in paradise while vacationing on a new floatable island.

You see, Migaloo is in the works of developing Kokomo Ailand, which will be the world’s first moveable island. Migaloo is well-known for designing watercrafts and yachts of sorts - all of which are cutting-edge in style and design.

The unique set of designs for Kokomo are now ‘floating’ around for the entire world to see, and this tropical getaway, or ‘Ailand’ if you will, will be simply stunning inside and out.

Your Very Own Floating Island Awaits You

According to Christian Gumpold, who is the managing director of Migaloo in Australia, the response for Kokomo Ailand has been out of this world.

“We are currently negotiating with several clients who are very interested in the project," she says. “We developed an initial design concept to show our ideas and the main design direction. Our design team needed some months for this, but the actual details in the design — depending on the client’s wishes — will be a much longer and intense process. (1)

Gumpold adds, ““This is common in the yachting industry… Living on and with the sea will be a future mega trend, and this island can be a first step to adapt to this new way of living — combined with our submarines, it will be a perfect match.” (2)

Kokomo Ailand will feature a large sized penthouse, a massive jungle deck with trees and a waterfall, and it will run on its own power.

Guests who have deep enough pockets will enjoy the 360-degree views from the penthouse after riding up on a 262-foot-elevator. Guest rooms will also be located at the base of the floating hotel.

The moveable island will also offer guests an underwater fine dining area, bar, pool, beauty salon, spa, and a state-of-the-art-gym. And the facility will also house a massive outdoor cinema theatre, which will be surrounded with barbecues so that guests can cook up delightful dishes from the sea.

And the features only get better. Guests will also enjoy the shark feeding station and a variety of gardens decorated with palm trees.

Migaloo plans on building a large number of Kokomo Ailand’s around the world, and each one should also include a casino where guests can test their luck out on table games and slot machines.

Kokomo Ailand: A Private Floating Habitat

There are two ways guests can travel to their Kokomo Ailand of choice: by air or water.

Each and every Kokomo Ailand will have a helicopter launching pad, as well as a dock for visitors who travel on a private submersible yacht, courtesy of Migaloo.

Kokomo Ailand:
Length overall (LOA): 117 M
Beam: 78 M, Draught 20.5 M-9.7 M
Customizable in size, shape and features

Kokomo Ailand is a brilliant idea, but not everyone will get to experience it. The cost to build each one will be very expensive, which means it will be for only the rich and famous, and the drug lords who have loads of cash.

But if you can afford to have your own Kokomo Ailand, make sure you bring your appetite and sun tan lotion, and get ready to sock a couple of tropical drinks back.

So, when are you getting your island on?

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