Kokusai Motor Cars: Conquering Taxi Market With Technology To Ensure People Remember Their Belongings

Taxi cabs transport us wherever we need to go - to work, when parking is a chore; from a bar or restaurant after we have had too much to drink; out to get groceries when no car is available; and to the airport when preparing to jetset. Most cab users ultimately end up taking a variety of personal belongings on board. And while trying to load them in a rather small space, it becomes fairly easy to leave objects behind, particularly after a long night of drinking, and perhaps even a bit of backseat PG13 activity with a date!

Kokusai Motor CarsKokusai Motor Cars

A Japanese taxi cab company, Kokusai Motor Cars has found a solution to the problem, and that is what sets them apart from all of the other cab company competition. While a fare is in the backseat, strategically placed cameras record what's back there, and when the cab stops, computer technology does a comparison to see if the client brought anything with them that they have forgotten to take. If this is the case, the an alarm sounds, and the driver can ensure that the guest takes what they have forgotten.

 Ultimately, ensuring that customers do not leave items behind is to the benefit of both the cab company and the client. People's lives are not distrupted when they have all of their personal belongings handy - particularly if it was an item of importance. And, less labour is required by the cab company whose employees have to take inventory and deal with inquiries about Lost and Found items that they have on location.

 Sometimes to come out a step ahead when a business enters a highly competitive market, a special feature that no one else has is what can provide the necessary edge to get ahead. Of course, many innovative ideas are also met with skepticism. Passengers are questioning whether Kokusai Motor Cars is invading their privacy with cameras in the backseats.

The reality is many cab companies do have cameras for the safety of the drivers and their passengers already, and this cab company promises that the technology will not take clear images of faces, it is focused on capturing inanimate objects alone.

 What do you think? Is this a service feature that would make you call their cab company next time you are in the area?

 Via: MSN