Kompakt Carrier Delivers Big Potential

Designer Jane Loniak has created the Kompakt carrier – a “no passenger” carrying vehicle that can help tote just about anything a user has in mind.


We’re all about bigger and better here in North America – larger cars and trucks that can carry more people, more cargo, more stuff.


Now, the creative mind of one Jane Loniak has dreamed up a small and simple solution to help us lug things around on a regular basis – maybe even while we’re walking.


We know, physical activity is a stunning revelation, but it seems to be the “in” thing now. With the Kompakt carrier, you can easily hoof it to where you’d like, pile your stuff inside, and have it hold your burdens gently while you stroll back to your point of origin.


Loniak has created a streamlined four-wheel design with a power sliding storage bay that allows for the containment of up to three large grocery bags along with myriad of other items. The curved top means that items inside will be protected from the elements, and ports on either side of the Kompakt support attachments to suspend other fun things such as surfboards or baskets.

The idea is to have the little trooper run on battery power, with each wheel getting its own battery and charging indicator so you’ll know when the thing can no longer move forward, or might have trouble backing the hell up.


As well, Loniak plans to include front-mounted laser and sonar sensors for collision detection, and the idea is that the Kompakt will be able to travel at walking speed for a distance of seven miles.

  Kompakt storage: mobile and fun!Kompakt storage: mobile and fun! 

At this point, there’s no mention of just how the Kompakt will be able to follow its owner – perhaps a remote control, or an RFID tag that the traveler will carry around – and the whole enterprise seems a bit unstable with a tall profile and small wheelbase, but the concept is sound.


Anything that gets people out and about - even if it is to show off their new Kompakt – is something that will benefit both the fight against obesity and our obsessive desire for robot butlers.


Now that we think of it, having this thing deliver tea and biscuits would be great. Also, it would need a tuxedo.


Source: FunOak