Konami's Piece Walker Makes Solving Puzzles An Adrenaline Rush

Konami's latest promotional site for the upcoming video game title, Metal Gear Solid, puts you in a cardboard box and squares you off against other online competitors to see who can solve the puzzle first.  It's a deceptively simple concept that provides for some really engaging gameplay, and, if you're a gamer, the added bonus of hiding in a cardboard box for the entire game just like the "real" Snake.

The site takes a while to load, but if you're a Metal Gear Solid fan you'll recognize the progress meter as the hidden Solid Snake.  Once it finishes loading you input your birthday and then you can begin playing.  I would recommend registering, if only because the gameplay is more fun than it might seem initially, and you'll want to track your stats against the other players.

The gameplay itself puts you at one side of a puzzle field, and gives you random puzzle pieces to match up with the field for points.  You have to click on the space you think the piece goes on, and then click the arrow icon on the right of your character.  If you're right, the space will glow and you'll be awarded the points.  If not, then you'll hear a buzzer announcing an incorrect guess.

The matches can get pretty fast paced and intense, and there's an element of strategy to the game, as well.  Just because you get the most pieces doesn't necessarily mean you'll win.  The left icon on your character sets a booby trap that will explode on your opponent if they try to drop a piece on that square.  If you don't plan it out right, you might get the piece that your trap is intended for, and be penalized 10 seconds.

With  great graphics and music, addictive gameplay, and a fun point-based item reward system, Piece Walker definitely stands out as one of the more superior promotional websites I've seen.  You could easily spend a few hours, or even days, playing this game.  Hopefully the actual Metal Gear Solid will be just as addictive!  Go try a few puzzles out, and let us know how you liked Piece Walker in the comments.