Korea Brings New Meaning to “Fast” Food

image courtesy of activerain.comimage courtesy of activerain.com

Is fast food just not quick enough for you? If you’re one of McDonalds’ biggest fans you may want to consider a move to South Korea. The cheeseburger giant recently announced its partnership with SK Telecom where they will provide a service where customers can make custom food orders through their cell phone and receive a message when their dinner is ready.

Known as the “touch order” menu, it is the first in the world to use a radio-frequency identification technology for restaurant service. Currently only available in one McDonald’s near Seoul, SK Telecom has high hopes the trend will be implemented in a few more chain locations by the end of the year. Following this accomplishment, they hope to hit up other big names of the fast food industry in 2008.

To use the service customers download a special program onto their phones. The meal is charged to the user’s regular monthly cell phone bill, and the transmission is made through a special infrared set up at the restaurant’s tables.

So if you want your fast food to be even faster, head on over to Seoul and find a Korean friend with a phone compatible with the technology. But wait, wouldn’t that take just a bit longer than waiting in line the old fashioned way? Source

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