Korea Brings the World a Whole New Bag of Chips

Hynix Semiconductor, long known as the world's second-largest semiconductor chipmaker, has come up with the densest multi-chip package available to consumers. Complete with 24 stacks of NAND flash memory, the big guns at this Korean company are skipping with glee all the way to the bank thanks to their latest and greatest product release.

Working as a multi-functioner in mobile devices, its light weight and high amount of storage capabilities will make the NCP king of the technology jungle worldwide.

an MCP diagram, courtesy of the Korea Heraldan MCP diagram, courtesy of the Korea Herald

Development started in May and the company's released statement on Sept 5th made for an impressive timeline as well as an already exciting technology breakthrough.

In a world where people place as much importance on their camera, cell phone, blackberry, and laptops as they do their oxygen supply, there is surely a demand for the MCP technology. Korea once again leads the way in making ourlives faster, more convenient and ideally simple with its small & mighty data storage solution - perfect in a world getting smaller every single day.

via the Korea Herald

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