Korean Toothpaste Obliterates Slime and Grime with Charcoal

Using charcoal as an innovative form of toothpaste is not a new concept in Asia. However some not so inviting packaging and changing the word charcoal to “charcle” apparently did the job quite well according to recent Korean sales.

The same ingredient used to filter out your tap water before drinking, Charcle features a charcoal component that might be too effective – there is more than a slight possibility it is powerful enough to clean away everything – including your natural tooth enamel.

To get those pearly whites use...black?: source: pingmag.jpTo get those pearly whites use...black?: source: pingmag.jpStill desiring the ultimate in Korean cleanliness? Perhaps there are a few more things I should mention in regards to this innovative charcoal toothpaste.

The packaging makes it look like an arts and crafts paint tube. Color? Black. Asia is very cut and dry when it comes to their health and beauty products, so why bother with any fancy color dye to make it at least remotely resemble toothpaste?
The packaging and the ominus slug: Source: ohgizmo.comThe packaging and the ominus slug: Source: ohgizmo.com

Its Colgate-eque texture combined with its suspiciously murky shade confuses the senses. It looks like toothpaste. It feels like toothpaste. Is it toothpaste?

One reviewer described its look to a black slug resting on your toothbrush. Another reported distinct feelings of queasiness during usage. Ever suck on a charcoal briquette at the family barbecue? Well kids, this might be the next best thing.

You'll be crying out for your familiar blue goo: source: asiantradelinkindia.comYou'll be crying out for your familiar blue goo: source: asiantradelinkindia.com

Forget brushing your tongue and spending that full two minutes of cleaning recommended by leading dentists. Just try your best not to vomit. This “cutting edge” toothpaste may get the job done in Asia…but here in the states…some of us would prefer to take our chances with the cavities. For the adventerous, you can get your own charcoal toothpaste here.

Source: ohgizmo.com

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