Korea's Toilet Tycoon

Who would have guessed that being born in a restroom would have started a life long obsession with toilets? However that is exactly what happened to Sim Jae-Duck of Seoul, Korea. He is responsible for the design and construction of a 1.6 million dollar house that is shaped like a toilet. The motivation behind it? A unique promotional edge for his endless campaign for cleaner restrooms all over the globe.

The toilet house under construction: source: google newsThe toilet house under construction: source: google news

Sim is also the founder of the World Toilet Association and will open up the house to the public in November 11. People can rent the toilet house for $50,000 per night, and all proceeds go toward improving sub par bathroom sanitation in impoverished nations.

Sim’s birth in a bathroom was not on accident. His mother gave birth there on purpose thanks to the advice of her own mom who believed those born in bathrooms enjoy long lives. Since Sim is 74 yrs old and going strong, I suppose the old wives’ tale was not too far off course.

Sim Jae-Duck, king of the toilets: source: google newsSim Jae-Duck, king of the toilets: source: google news

He is also aspiring to develop IT-based toilets, which will allow people to check up on their health and even surf the Internet while in the bathroom.

source: google newssource: google newsHaving an outlook of toilets being a 'sanctuary that protects human health" rather than as an unhygienic location has given Sim a truly unique place in the hearts of Koreans and those worldwide that are pushing for higher levels of sanitation and cleanliness that crosses borders.



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How many restrooms...

How many restrooms are in the toilet house?

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Oh no!

Toilets with an internet connection? Now I'll never get my husband out of the bathroom!