Krispy Kreme Japan Rolls Out Scary-otypical Halloween Treats

While the bloom may be off the Krispy Kreme rose here in North America, budding diabetics in Japan just can't seem to get their fill of the sickly sweet sticky treats. That's just peachy for the company's Japanese subsidiary, who's more than happy to cater to sweet tooths in the land of the rising blood sugar level.

The latest excuse for seasonal marketing is now upon us, as October sees the run-up to Halloween. While Halloween as a "holiday" hasn't really impacted Japan and Japanese, marketers have jumped onto the bat-winged bandwagon with both fangs. Krispy Kreme's scheme sees 4 new donuts designed and decorated to evoke the usual "scary-otypes".

And here they are.: Pumpkin Caramel Treat and Halloween Jack seem normal enough but this is Japan, so let the weirdness begin. Purple Nightmare sounds and looks unpleasant but this violet iced sugar bomb pales in comparison to Sprinkle Trick. Yes, Sprinkle Trick... it might be a donut but it sounds more like a variation on the old "ignite a bag of poop on someone's porch" prank. Either that or Dana Delaney's dominatrix character from Exit To Eden is now moonlighting at Krispy Kreme Japan's marketing department. "Make the donuts... NOW, worm!!"

Whew... you'll pay handily for Krispy Kreme's new Halloween donuts selection - and you'll like it! Seriously, they run about 200 yen ($2.40) per donut or 2,000 yen ($24) for an assorted box of 12 - now there's a concept that'll surely get kids, cops and dentists drooling. (via Japan Today)