Kronum: A New Sport Designed For An Athletic Era

Kronum Shot On GoalKronum Shot On Goal

Baseball, soccer, football. All of these sports were conceived over a century ago, and they are still some of the most popular sports throughout the world. All of these sports are exciting and fun to play. However, there is a new sport that is just exciting and fun, and it has been gaining popularity. Kronum is a "new game for a new era." It was designed to put athleticism on display and is fast-paced and jam-packed with action.

Kronum is a hybrid of a number of different sports, like soccer and basketball. Two teams of 10 players each compete on a circular playing surface, with one ball and four goal structure, for three phases of 20 minutes each. Players can score from all over the field, and the points are based on where the score happened on the field and in which part of the goal it happened.

Kronum GoalKronum Goal

The goal itself consists of two constructs. The bottom part, the Chamber, is like a soccer goal, eight feet high and a little over 16.5 feet wide. The top part, the Crown, is 30 inches tall with five 20 inch (diameter) circles in which to score. Scoring in the Crown is worth double the points of scoring in the Chamber.

Kronum FieldKronum Field

On the field, there are different Zones, and scoring in those zones varies (from 1-8 points). There are the Goal Zones, which are right outside the goals, the Wedge Zones (a little further outside the Goal Zones), the Cross Zone, with a Flex Zone right outside of it, the Second Ring and the Prime Ring (both inside the Cross Zone). A Crown goal in the Cross Zone is the hardest shot (worth eight points) and is called a Kronum. Goals can be scored by kicking, throwing and dunking, which means well rounded athletes are generally the best for this sport. 

The setup of the field and scoring objectives make for an exciting game, and it is a game in which you could try recreationally. The official Kronum site has a "shop" link in which you can buy Kronum goals, Crown covers (which you could potentially use to cover the top of a soccer goal if you can't afford the $500 Kronum goal), Kronum balls and accessories. If Kronum sounds like it could be the sport for you, and you want to learn more about it, check out the video below. You could also pick up The Spectator's Guide To Kronum on Amazon

Source: About Kronum

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