Kubrick Collectible Figurines Celebrate Toy Story 3

Kubrick collectors have been hoping to get their hands on mini figures featuring the heroes and villains of Disney-Pixar's smash hit, Toy Story 3. Now their patience is being rewarded as MediCom has announced the lineup for their Toy Story 3 Kubrick series.

Kubricks, for those who aren't familiar with these popular collectibles, are figurines made in three different sizes (6, 24 and 60 centimeters tall) by Japanese toy manufacturer MediCom. The block-style figures look somewhat like LEGO or Playmobil figures and have established an enthusiastic following among mainly adult collectors.


MediCom's new lineup of Kubrick mini figures salutes and celebrates the smash hit film Toy Story 3, from Disney-Pixar. The six characters selected for the initial run include  Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Green Army Man, the three-eyed Little Green Men Alien, Jessie, and Emperor Zurg.

The mini figures are being packaged in an unusual way (though typical for Kubricks) that is sure to send Kubricks collectors into a frenzy: each pack of 3 is "blind packaged" so that the exact mix of characters will remain unknown until unwrapped after purchasing.

Oh, that name? Kubricks are indeed named after the famous late film director Stanley Kubrick, and the font used by MediCom is the same as that used to promote the Kubrick-directed cult classic film A Clockwork Orange.

Another peculiarity about Kubrick collectible figures is is that MediCom only ships to Japanese addresses, making it very hard for international collectors to acquire new editions. Those hoping to grab some of the new Toy Story 3 Kubricks or other mini figures from the Toy Story series would do well to contact Rinkya Stores, who are located in Japan yet make it their business to process orders for foreign citizens. (via Blog de Brinquedo and A Rinkya Blog)