The Kug - Kettle & Mug - An Invention We All Can Use

Just yesterday Ben Millett and Alan Harrison, inventors of the Kug, were recipients of the Arthritis Ireland Easy To Use Design Contest for their invention.  As it happens, the pair did design the Kug for persons with arthritis, but in fact, the Kug has a much wider audience.

A cross between a kettle and a mug, the Kug does the coffee or tea making all by itself, with its hidden heating element that heats the contents of the Kug when placed on a special dock.  The Kug enables you to make, heat, or re-heat your cuppa joe, chocolate, tea, or any other hot beverage. 

 The Kug: ©Kug 2010The Kug: ©Kug 2010  

Millett and Harrison, both students at Ireland's National College of Art & Design, were inspired to create their invention by interviewing persons with rheumatoid arthritis and learning that, among their most bothersome limitations, was the inability to comfortably handle the hot water kettle.  And that's how the Kug got started!

The best news about the Kug is that you can heat up your beverage anywhere by placing the Kug on its dock. The liquid boils in just 90 seconds and you can adjust the temperature by just turning the Kug's position.

The entrepreneurial inventors have already made a shot commercial for the Kug...



Pretty cool, huh?  Well, now the pair is looking for some investor types to get the Kug going.  To follow up on this opportunity or just express cheers for the Kug, go to the Kug website and click "Register Interest."

sources: The Independent, BenMillett, The Kug



Apr 28, 2010
by Anonymous

What happened?

What happened to speech therapy?

Apr 29, 2010
by Anonymous

Another stupid idea

Have they not heard of those counter top water boilers that dispense just a cup of hot water? And seriously, what happens when you need tea for two? Do you share a cup? Retarded!