Kurage Fiber Optic Lamp by Sschemata

Japanese Sschemata architecture office has designed the third generation of their fiber optic lamp, the loopy and winding Kurage. 

For this latest edition, the circumference of the fiber optic cords went from 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm, which allowed for an increase in size of the main body, as well as increased illumination.  The lamp comes in four different forms, and all can change color.  The brightness of the optic fibers is dictated by the size of the curve, which is why certain models have different intensity of luminosity. 


These lamps are said to be able to illuminate a whole room with soft-lit ambience, though it seems quite a stretch, given their seeming fragility and pastel hues.  Kurage versions 1 and 2 seem to have a bit more heft and vibrance to them, all the better for lighting up a space.

Though focused mainly on architecture (check out their 'Foot Fetish Office' for an idea of their style), Sschemata also has office furniture and shelving amongst their projects.  

Sschemata via Lost at E Minor