Kusa Flip Flops Have Grassy Soles, Never Need Watering

Keep ON the grass! With Kusa Flip-Flops, your lawn is underfoot whenever and wherever you walk. The shaggy Syn-Turf soled sandals let you relive one of summer's sweet simple pleasures: wriggling your toes in the cool green grass. 

Kusa Flip Flops were conceived by Yashin Radhakrishnan, an industrial designer based in Sydney, Australia who distributes them through Generate Design, a Japan-based e-commerce site. The sandals take a leaf – literally – from Mother Nature's  big book of comfortable footwear in that their insoles ape the look and feel of a lush, grassy lawn.

It makes perfect sense, after all: before shoes and sandals were invented the most comfortable place to rest one's feet was a swatch of springy, spring-green turf pre-chilled by the morning dew.

While cutting a footprint-shaped divot of real live turf out of your (or your annoying neighbor's) lawn is both impractical and impermanent, modern technology has come to the rescue with artificial fescue! Good Lord, did I actually write that??

Anyway, Kusa Flip Flops are topped with a layer of Syn-Turf, a longer and lusher type of Astroturf that's meant to approximate everything we love about real grass while negating the green stains, ants & earthworms, the odd burr... and so on.

Even better, you never have to water your shaggy sandals (unless you want to) and they never need mowing. Trimming is perfectly acceptable, however, as long as you don't go all Golf Green on them since Syn-Turf won't grow back.

Kusa (which is the Japanese word for grass) Flip Flops come in three sizes (S, M and L) and are priced at 3,990 yen or around $50 per pair. For more info and to order, check out Generate Design's website. (via Craziest Gadgets)