The Kush Offers Nighttime Support For Larger Breasts


This health and beauty gadget is mainly just for the women, although I am sure the guys won’t mind investigating this product as well.  The Kush is a device made to support the breasts during sleep.  Larger breasted women often have problems with the extra weight of the breasts putting strain on their bodies, particularly in the neck, back and shoulders. 



Sleep can be one of those times when the pull of gravity is particularly uncomfortable.  For side sleepers the strain can be especially uncomfortable and it can also cause the skin on the chest to stretch over a period of time and cause lines and wrinkles.  This can make the skin in this area look older before its time.



The Kush is made of lightweight plastic material and is coated in a non-slip outside layer to keep the device nestled in place.  It is placed between the breasts and is contoured to fit comfortably.  There are a number of different sizes and colors to choose from.  It is said to be perfect for those who are a ‘C’ cup or larger, have implants, have had recent breast surgery or who are pregnant or nursing.




EDITOR'S NOTE:  Intimia also provides a breast support pillow that gets great reviews on Amazon

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Jul 19, 2010
by Anonymous


How much to buy and where can I find it?

Jul 19, 2010
by Kim Patterson

Where to buy

If you go to their site (link at bottom of article) you can buy it there and it looks like they are $24.99.