Kutano,Twitter's Super-Charged Search Engine Is Enhanced By Google Sidewiki

Twitter's cool search engine gets an added boost of fire power from Google Sidewiki. On September 29, 2009 both apps joined forces to improve the effectiveness of Kutano's search capability.

In addition to finding qualified searches based on Kutano's algorithm, users can now access additional  "high quality" searches that surface from Google Sidewiki that pertain to the same topic.

Natalie MichelsonNatalie MichelsonAccording to Natalie Michelson, Kutano's marketing manager, "the advantage of this collaboration, aside from being able to collectively view web-page related comments ( Kutano's and Sidewiki's) in one place, is that Kutano will also allow users to respond to and initiate interactive discussions about the related topics."

Currently, Sidewiki's comments are not threaded and there is no way to respond and engage another person that commented on one of their comment pages.  Additionally, there is not yet a way to have multiple discussion topics on on Sidewiki. However on a Kutano search page, users will be able to engage in enhanced interactive and topic-varied discussions about each web page using sourced comments from both apps. As was included as part of Kutano's original feature offering, users will also be able to tweet out entire discussions as well (as long as they are 140 characters or less).

With this new release, while you can reply to Sidewiki comments on Kutano pages, those responses will stay on the Kutano page. Currently, the Sidewiki API is not interfaced to accept the Kutano responses on their web pages. Also when viewing comments on Kutano, their comments will appear first, followed by Google Sidewiki's comments.

For more information regarding both Kutano and Google Sidewiki, read my previous blogs, titled, "Kutano, The Super-charged Twitter Search Engine," and "Google's Sidewiki Profiles Internet Users?" And while, I still have my reservations regarding Google Sidewiki, the fact that you can now get the best of both worlds at Kutano, I would recommend using that API for all your Twitter search needs.

According to Michelson, this new release is expected to be up, running and free for download on their website on September 29, 2009.