KVANT Motorbike Snow-Ready Dirtbike

If you follow design and concepts, chances are you'll regularly run across ideas that are just so cool you'll forget that you're viewing a concept and immediately think: "Where can I get one and how much is it!?" Then, as you frantically search for a price and retailer, you remember that it's just a design and will probably never see the light of day. In some cases, the design may not even be possible--you can do a lot of things on paper that you can't do in reality.

Such was the case for me when I came across this Kvant Motorbike, designed by Patrik Petersson. Half snowmobile, half dirtbike this design is pure adrenaline. While the seat, which is also the exhaust pipe, looks far from inviting, the overall vehicle looks like one of the most fun pieces of equipment I've ever seen. All the grip and snow-ripping power of a snowmobile in a sleeker, more-maneuverable package. The mono-ski provides fast tight cornering while the curved snow belt bites into the snow and propels the vehicle forward. Though it's described as geared toward the urban commuter who travels in snowy climates, this bike looks like it'd be more at home in the backcountry, opening up on powder-smattered fields and soaring off of kickers of all shapes and sizes.

Alas, I will have to continue to merely daydream about such a cool vehicle. Perhaps, some manufacturer will view this design and realize how lacking the marketplace is without a dirtbike-snowmobile hybrid.  Fingers crossed.

Design Blog via Gizmodo