A La Carte Maps: Creative Travel Guides For The Artistic Traveler

Ok, I know, you think you've seen them all before - all kinds of companies are creating maps and travel guides for tourists, and many offer customizable options online. Well, you haven't seen it all just yet, because one company is going back to basics and incorporating more creativity and even some art into the creation of their unique brand of travel guide.

A La Carte MapsA La Carte Maps

A La Carte Maps offers "Maps of your city, a la carte"; they are individually hand-drawn and feel like they've been made just for you by a friend or family member who is familiar with the city and you're just visiting. And for those who purchase the pre-made maps of Barcelona, Munich, Zurich, Shangai, Tokyo and Washington, DC, they only have that feel; however, for those who want to get creative and make it come true, there is an option on the website to upload artwork and create your own travel tips with customized maps. Each map also comes with a note inserted outlining travel options available in the city, great places to visit, and where money can be exchanged.

In a day and age where travel guides are mostly based in technology, it's nice to see a more old-fashioned and personal method taking hold at the hands of one unique company that makes an effort to add a personal touch.

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Nov 16, 2009
by Anonymous

A La Carte Maps: Creative

A La Carte Maps: Creative Travel Guides for aristic traveller.