LaCie Has The Key To Your USB... FreaKey


What do you get when you combine a wacky French design team with a computer memory storage company that calls itself "The Company?" Last year we got some fun flash drives, CurrenKeys from 5.5 Designers and LaCie. Now, they bring us the real key trio of flash drives: iamaKey, itsaKey, and PassKey.



The LaCie iamaKey is a 4GB water and scratch-resistant Flash Drive with fast transfer rates, great mobility (carries well on a key ring), and gold SIP technology.



itsaKey is also 4GB, but it's designed for hot-plugging and is cross-platform compatable.



The PassKey! The PassKey swallows your micro SD cards and spits them out nice and clean and ready to go again, retaining the information while it recycles your cards. It's also hot pluggable and drive-free.



It's a charming mix, the out-there guys in the design world at 5.5 Designers and the computer geeks at LaCie. They should work together more often!