La Vie De Mon DouDou: Customizable Kids Stories Featuring Their Toys!

We've seen customizable books in the past, where kids can star in their favorite fairy tale book, or adults can take over the leading role in a classic novel - along comes another business in this niche right in time for holiday shopping!

La Vie De Mon DouDouLa Vie De Mon DouDou

La Vie De Mon DouDou is actually a French company, which features French illustrated children's stories. Since perhaps the most important thing in a child's life is their favorite teddy bear or stuffed toy, this holiday season, there's probably nothing they'd enjoy more than seeing the star of their life starring in a story. Using the service,  parents and other gift givers can choose a story, and upload an image of the child's favorite toy so the story becomes all about them (fitting, since the company's name roughly translates to "The Life of My Toy/Teddy".

It's a cute company, with a great idea that proves that this niche market isn't done producing businesses that manage to stand out by putting a little twist on their offerings.