Lace Front Brows Are Ideal For Cancer Patients

Tiffani Chanel EyebrowsTiffani Chanel EyebrowsFor those who have lost their brows, trying to create a natural eyebrow look feels impossible. Lace front brows may look strange in their packaging, but as many customers have pointed out, these false brows are ideal for men and women whose eyebrows fell out during chemotherapy.

Lace front brows are similar to lace front wigs in that they are created on a mesh base typically with real human hair. The majority of lace front eyebrows are handmade and can be cut to your desired to shape, such as the brows on  Tiffani Chanel Luxury Hair. To apply, add a layer of spirit gum to the back and place where your normal brows would be. 

You don't realize how key eyebrows are to your facial shape and showing expression until they are gone. For those who lost their brows to illness, burns, or over waxing and tweezing, lace front brows are an ideal solution. They look more natural that penciling in brows and false brows with polyurethane backings.  The well-made brows are more on the pricey side, and this product will be unusable once spirit gum starts to build up and wear and tear breaks it down. Just like lace wigs, you get what you pay for, though, so avoid cheap eyebrows. You'll want these brows to look natural, and the lower quality brows do not. 

If you're interested in trying a pair, multiple vendors sell them online like Amazon and Alibaba

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