Lacie Stackable Hard Drive Aims To Make Space For Form And Function

It’s called the Lacie S2.0, and it’s a stackable external hard drive that both looks great and is user-friendly. Technology FTW. 


The designer is Pedro Gomes, who’s a staple in the industrial design community. With such other interesting inventions under his belt as the Sleepy alarm clock, he’s no stranger to innovation.


This time around, Pedro is tackling the computer market, putting a new spin on things like hard drives that all professionals need, but are mostly inconvenienced by. Whether is it the mess of cords connecting multiple external drives, or the simple ugliness of the things, multiple hard drives cobbled together in an office speaks of technological slavery, rather than the refined and tasteful presentation many professionals wish to embody.


Pedro said – “how come?” and decided to go ahead and create the Lacie S2.0. Sporting a sleek curved design and front LED screen that displays both the drive’s assigned name and the amount of space left on it, the Lacie is a sight for poor, technology-boggled eyes.


Each drive comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports in the back, allowing it to be hooked to multiple drives before requiring any actual power source. In addition, the curvy drives can stack stably on top of one another, giving then a snazzy tower effect that is both functional and minimalistic, in terms of space and cord use.

The Lacie back: simple cord action.The Lacie back: simple cord action.


The top of the unit as well as the back is coated in a soft touch material that allows easier port connection and also gives the Lacie a better grip when getting its stack on.


Sure, the design is simple, but that’s the point – too much tech these days is about cramming features upon features into a single, tiny form or box, leading to a cluttered look with a far more limited functionality than was originally intended.


Try the Lacie.


Simple. Storage. Stackable.


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Sep 15, 2010
by Anonymous

Adapt for CPUs?

Now make adaptable for
Apple desktop PCs alone for Use.
let alone Laptops.

Great for vital data or PC Video Gamers etc.

Sep 19, 2010
by Anonymous

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my comment is as follows - comment