Lady Gaga Synthetic Leather Smartphone Pouch is Nothing Shocking

The Lady Gaga Synthetic Leather Smartphone Pouch from the pop superstar's Mobile Collection is as bland as the flamboyant mega-hitmaker is shocking... in fact, we're shocked at how plain-jane this $55 universal phone case is considering whose name is on the cover.

Lady Gaga has come a long way in a short time by being larger than life in just about everything she does, and especially when it comes to fashion. One would expect products endorsed or authorized by the “singer-songwriter, performance artist, record producer, musician, composer, pianist, actress, dancer, businesswoman, activist” (according to Wikipedia) to reflect the eye-catching, groundbreaking and eyebrow-raising aesthetic employed by Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in her climb to the summit of entertainment stardom.

The Lady Gaga Synthetic Leather Smartphone Pouch, however, is shocking by not being shocking with the possible exception of its sticker price on China's online superstore, Taobao: 351 yuan or just over $55 at current exchange rates. That hefty chunk of change gets purchasers a foldover smartphone pouch in their choice of black, orange or red bearing “LADY GAGA” in jagged script.

What else do you get for half a c-note? Well, there's a screen-protecting sticker, a cleaning cloth and a “card for installation”, whatever that might be – possibly user instructions. As well, the pouch is made from synthetic leather, not actual cowhide... we don't know whether to Moo or Boo. Those who assume the pouch must be a hastily slapped-together knock-off should know it's (C)&(R) Earloomz, LLC and Lady Gaga, 2011 All Rights Reserved. (You can get your own Lady Gaga pouch here at Amazon.)

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Oct 27, 2012
by Anonymous


Actually Gaga copyrights her stuff using her company name Ate My Heart Inc. I just got a Gaga T shirt and it says ©AteMyHeartInc, as does ALL of her stuff sold at her online store.... So this isn't official merch....

Oct 27, 2012
by Anonymous


Her music is plain jane. So why would one expect anything else ?

Oct 28, 2012
by Anonymous

How... what's the word I'm

How... what's the word I'm looking for.. oh yeah, reductive.