Laid-Off Workers Display Business Cards at

We've all been feeling the crunch of the world's economy slowing down into this current recession, but a few hopefuls out there are trying to make the best of it.  CardsofChange is a site that collects the modified business cards of ditched workers all over the world and puts them on display.  We'll all get a few laughs out of these images, but maybe some of these bright individuals will find themselves a new gig, too!

The site lets you filter the uploaded business card images by location, industry, date, or keyword.  Most entries have some sort of modified aspect to them.  Who wants to give business to the blackhearts that cut them off, anyway?  Most of the time they're pretty clever, and there are a lot of workers featured here that have talents worth exploring if you're looking for someone with specific skills.

Even if you're not an employer looking to find a replacement or a desperate freelancer, you'll get a kick out of some the sarcastic messages people write about losing their jobs.  "Finally free from slavery" and other such catch phrases adorn almost all of the entries that are uploaded.  There's also a "top 100" column, and you can upload your own business card if you've been recently laid-off (we sure hope not!).

When things get this tough it can be hard to keep your chin up.  That's why the project at CardsofChange is so intriguing.  It not only gives us a snarky way to turn our noses up at the companies who are ditching employees left and right, but also gives us hope that those who lose their jobs might still be able to find something out there.  Let us know some of your favorite business card follies in the comments.