Lamborghini Confirms Hybrid Development…Promises to Carry-On Companies Heritage

Rumors about a Lamborghini built hybrid have been making their rounds for a while now, with very few words coming from Sant'Agata about it. Now, Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini CEO, has confirmed that a hybrid is in fact in the works.

The information came as part of an interview with Automobilewoche magazine, a German automotive enthusiast's magazine. Mr. Winkelmann was also kind enough to divulge a few details about the upcoming hybrid drive system.

Unlike some of the other exotic automakers who have opted for a full hybrid drivetrain, Lamborghini is planning on using an electric propulsion system only for low speeds. Assumedly, they are referring to city driving, where a V10 or V12 is much more than adequate. Once you outside city limits and bearing down into a nice straight stretch of pavement, every available cylinder will be at your command once again.

Interesting enough, this comes only days after Lamborghini released plans to being producing rear wheel drive variants of the Gallardo and Murcièlago. This would make the addition of an electric drive system much easier, as compared to an all wheel drive configuration.

Lamborghini is expecting to have their hybrid production ready by late 2011, with the first models hitting streets in 2012.

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