Lamborghini Introduces their 4-Door Sports Car

Lamborghini may soon be joining Koenigsegg in the "Super Sports Sedan" arena. Using the Paris Auto Show as a stage to introduce their new 4-Door rocket, Lamborghini is already talking about production feasibility.

The new Charging Bull has been named the Estoque and although some people are not very pleased with the concept, the overall response has been good. Its name comes from the French "Estoc," which was a kind of rapier (sword) that was often used in bull fighting.

Inside the Estoque, you will find 4 custom sport seats made out of high quality Nappa leather. Lamborghini promises the seats are the perfect balance between comfort for longer drives, and support for when your right foot gets a little heavy.

From the driver's seat, a large in dash LCD screen will feed you information about the vehicle and will double as a navigation system. Lamborghini is also offering a choice between the classic round gauges, or a more modern all digital system. A high-end audio system and a rear seat entertainment package complete the cabin electronics.

Even though it is still listed as a concept vehicle, Lamborghini went to great lengths to explain how easy a transition to production would be. Currently, the only real issue they are having is deciding on the right powerplant to toss in the new sedan. According to the engineering team, there is a wide range of "fascinating" options that are being considered. There has even been talk of possibly using a new Hybrid drivetrain, though the team was in no hurry to divulge too much information.

However, Lamborghini was more than happy to talk about the direction the company was going and how the Estoque fit into the equation. According to the company, "It is a concept that provides a clear indication of the future. This applies to the new, elegant self-confidence of the lines themselves, but even more to the concept of the vehicle."

From : The Huffington Post , Next Autos
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