Lame Duck George For Cats And Dogs!

You know that George W. Bush is in his last year of his second term as President of the United States, but does your cat know it? What about your dog? Does he realize that George is a Lame Duck president? Hmm. Yummy. Lame duck.... Is that anything like Peking Duck?

If the concept of lame duck is hard for your dog or cat to grasp, Moody Pet, creator of George the Lame Duck pet toys, made the President in the shape of a duck and printed George W's picture on it. The President is seen to have a a broken leg and he's holding a crutch.... so that pets can understand, in a more literal way, why the President is lame.

And they can see too, that the President's friends wish him well because they signed Lame Duck George's cast.

Lame Duck George for dogs is a squeaky toy! No it's not a rubber ducky squeaky toy that your dog can chew up in no time; George The Lame Duck is a stuffed toy covered with durable canvas. The clever designers used two squeakers as the duck's "foie gras," so the toy can endure "fowl play" for a longer time than most squeaker toys. At 9 inches tall, the toy is a good size for most dogs! Available from Dogstuff for $9.95.


But Lame Duck George is also a cat toy! At 5 inches, Lame Duck George is the perfect size for cat batting practice, and for the cat's foie gras... a little nippy... Yes, it's cat nippy. Dogstuff also carries Lame Duck George for cats and that is $6.95.

That's the buzz for today!