Lamood: Niche Company Makes Hats For People With Enormous Heads

It's merely an expression in some cases that "so and so has a big head", but for some people having a big head is about more than just ego - it's an actual physical trait that can make it a challenge to find hats, when they're designed for normal-headed people.

Lamood Big-Headed HatsLamood Big-Headed Hats

Lamood isn't the only one, but they are one example of a niche fashion business for those that are cranially endowed. Their tagline is even "big hats for big heads", so there's no secret who their target market is.

Lamood makes big-headed hats of all styles, so no big-headed person is left out. From caps, to beanies, to safari hats and more those who have big heads and are smart enough to find themselves on the site have plenty of options (note: a big head physically, does not necessarily mean enhanced brain activity, so some big-headed people might need a little bit of help getting their head into a big-headed hat).

If someone in your life has had access to a limited hat inventory because of their big head, buy them the gift of normalcy this holiday season with the help of Lamood (I did).

Aug 2, 2010
by Anonymous

Big Size Hats

Hi Beth; I just ran across your article for Lamood and wish to add our big hat into the ring. has been in business for 14 years serving the needs of the cranially endowed. We list our phone number, 615-890-1018, where others don't. Other companies who espouse big size hats do not make their headwear.

As a part time inventor, I support your web efforts and plan to visit again.
Don Pearson

Mar 1, 2011
by Anonymous

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