Is This A Lamp Or A Plumber's Worst Nightmare?

Ever have really intense day or an intense few days of doing what you do non-stop?  You can't sleep or, if you do, you have obsessively weird nightmares. The worst example of this for me was when I used to play in week-long bridge tournaments... I was so crazed that people in my dreams were all Jacks and Queens and spades and hearts! 

That's why when I saw the KOZO lamps, I immediately thought, "Plumber's worst nightmare."



Israeli designer, David Benatan's new collection of KOZO lamps are put together with plumbing pipes and joints from all over the world.  Each part is engraved with the original trademarks and not a pipe is cleaned, rusty or not.  Benatan has wired up the plumbing parts, arranging them in lamp designs that are quite sculptural. 

Keeping everything connected does not seem to have been a problem in creating the lamps, and they look to be steel-solid stable.  Personally, I don't like to look into naked light bulbs, but otherwise, the KOZO1 looks like a great 1940's style workshop lamp. The faucet turner looks great and it works as a light switch too!



 The KOZ3 looks like a super reading lamp or keyboard lamp, for when you're typing in the dark. Something tells me this lamp does not raise or lower on those joints though, like its grandparent, the Anglepoise Lamp.




The handmade KOZO lamps are both available for sale at Etsy's design shop.Thanks for the tip, Jill!