Lamponi Lamps Give Old Parts New Life


Milan-born designer Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi started out as a technical engineer and somehow found his way into the more artistic craft of refurbishing motorcycle and Vespa parts into ultra-cool, mod desk lamps.


This driving force behind Lamponi's Lamps boldly states, "My lamps are not gadgets." Well, all right. I guess they hover more in the world of fine art, then? At the very least, they walk the line between restored iconic retro pieces and functional light sources, and could certainly be considered masterpieces by some. Mr. Lamponi likens his artistic process to that of a great puzzle waiting to be put together, each morning awaking with fresh realization to each piece's proper place.

a classic revampeda classic revamped

Lamponi uses recycled and salvaged parts and household items and furbishes them into an altogether new arrangement, fully customized and most definitely not cheap. Prices start at $1700, so you might want to opt for a DIY alternative if you're tightening your purse strings. They take roughly 25 days to construct, and are painstakingly crafted to meet your requirements. I suppose any hancrafted piece of "non-gadgety" art will cost you, though. Don't you agree?

Sources: lamponi via inhabit

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