Landlords & Neighbors Come Together Online: Landlord/Tenant Relationships Easier With Neighbo

While the name of this innovative new business startup, Neighbo, may infuriate my spellchecker; it's alleviating tension between landlords and tenants in the UK by giving all parties a voice and allowing them social networking opportunities that better help them improve their property businesses and their relationships.

While not quite the first of its kind, this new property management service does offer the widest variety of options. The Neighbo Lite version is one of the business' free services which allow users to setup public groups so neighbors and landlords can discuss property management and housing issues. For a fee, those who like the services offered by Neighbo Lite can upgrade to straight-up Neighbo which also offers document storage, collaboration tools, widgets, calendars and forums. The Neighbo Manager is also exclusively available for property managers so they can keep tabs on their buildings with the help of online administrative tools.

Anyone who's ever lived in a poorly run apartment building understands how necessary a service like that offered by Neighbo is; but by giving neighbors and landlords the opportunity online both sides are offered valuable insight about how the property is functioning so the tension doesn't come to blows.

Via: Springwise