Large, Sperm-Like Snowmobile Concept

Looking like a glimpse inside a homophobe's worst nightmare, this snowmobile concept by British designer Evangelos Gicas is an eye-catching little beauty. The shape is not purposely designed to look like sperm (at least we don't think it is), but is rather designed to decrease wind drag while riding. The rider is forced to contort his body into the shape of the snowmobile, thereby getting low and aerodynamic. Rather than a steering mechanism, the rider leans hard into turns to angle the vehicle in the appropriate direction. 


While the large, round front end reminiscent of a motorcycle streamliner, and low rider positioning certainly appear effective at limiting drag, there must be several ways of offering this benefit without creating a gigantic, ridable sperm. Those with cleaner minds might be able to picture a whale or wave formation of some sort, but the rest of us will have a difficult time looking at this thing without thinking about 5th grade sex ed class. And any design that brings us back to those dark days is clearly a miss--no matter how fun it looks. 

For a similarly-fun, but less-obscene ride, check out the KVANT snowmobile bike

Design Blog via Gizmodo