Laser Technology Takes Away Pain of the Dentist

The one thing I hate most in the world is going to the dentist. All those drills, needles, scalpels and machines, it makes my skin crawl. And the after effects too – I could do without the swelling, bleeding and numb lips.

Waterlase LaserWaterlase Laser

A new laser called Waterlase could take all those problems and pains away. Novocaine could be virtually eliminated because the treatment would remove a wide range of tissues and decay with no heat, pressure or discomfort.

Waterlase uses a technology called HydroPhotonics, which combines YSGG laser energy and a spray of water. The laser is able to remove tooth enamel decay, the hardest substance in the body, while leaving surrounding areas unaffected.

The laser performs many soft tissue procedures with little to no bleeding. The infection rate is lowered also, because the laser kills bacteria and viruses as it cuts. The Waterlase laser treatment doesn’t leave any numbness afterwards, either.

As for canker sores and cold sores, the Waterlase laser instantly takes away canker sore pain and heals them quickly, often within 24 hours. Viruses that cause cold sores are killed so that the sore can heal quicker than normal. No more walking around for two weeks with an embarrassing cold sore hovering on your lip.

I might actually enjoy going to the dentist if they were to use this laser for all of my dental work. Okay, maybe not. But it’s still a tool that could cut down on many of the pains associated with the mouth. What do you think? Since lasers are used for many procedures these days, would you feel comfortable with one in your mouth?

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Jun 25, 2008
by whysteriastar@h...'s picture

Sounds good to me

Uggg, after having a tooth ripped out without the novacaine working right and no other seditives to be had, I'd be more than happy to try some crazy laser that supposedly doesn't hurt.


Jun 25, 2008
by Anonymous

Don't Oversell It

The laser only works on virgin teeth, i.e., it won't work on teeth that have a previous restoration.

However, if something hurts during a dental visit nowadays (a slight pinch for the injection aside), your dentist is rushing things.

Also the term "HydroPhotonics" is marketing B.S. All hard tissue dental lasers (laser light AKA photonic energy) use water ("hydro") to cool the surface being worked on.

Jun 26, 2008
by Anonymous

i love it

i think my dentist actually used this on me wen he took out my wisdom teeth, he said he was using it since they gave one out to use as a test trial like they do with cars haha, needless to say i was kinda scared/excited that he was using this crazy water knife on me , after the procedure i actually was able to eat the next morning after the operation and there was little bleeding, this machine is amazing

Jun 26, 2008
by Anonymous

Lasers in dentistry has been

Lasers in dentistry has been approved by the FDA since 2000.