Creative Lashes Add To Fashion Drama

Thinking of fashion and trends, I got thinking that ultimately it is the ‘whole' look that makes an impact...a fab dress, great shoes, right accessories, they all fail to make create magic by themselves. It's only when they complement each other that a person looks good. And accessories go a long way in adding a dash of style to any outfit.



To my surprise, eyelashes, the false ones, now rank among accessories! And the thumb rule with accessories is that basics should be right. So I started looking and was wowed with the wide range available across the world...


I also learnt that almost all eyelashes are made by a select few companies; Royal Korindah is one leading name. Other beauty companies then purchase these and stamp their names on them. So don't feel like you have to spend $100 on a good pair of fantasy lashes (unless, of course, you really want to.) The real secret is in the lash glue. Invest in good lash glue and you are set for many evenings of stylish chic.

I for one cannot wait to try out some of these fabulous creations. Don’t know whether I’ll be bold enough to carry off most of them, but a few deserve a try…




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