LAST CALL For HOT IDEAS! Everyday Edisons, Season 4


Everday Edisons Calling For InventionsEverday Edisons Calling For InventionsDeadlines are upon us for Everyday Edisons Season 4 submissions.  Don't even worry if your idea is not prototyped yet; the online submission can even be sketched out on a napkin!

The hit PBS show, where everyday inventors compete for Everyday Edisons' 10 top prizes - the development and promotion of the most marketable inventions -  has been casting for Season 4.  And for the first time, entries can be made online, instead of in person.  

These are the categories and their deadlines for submission:

1. Kids' Product or Toy: Deadline Midnight PST 12/28/2010

2. Pet Product or Toy: Deadline Midnight PST 12/30/2010

3. Home, Kitchen & Bath Innovations: Deadline 01/04/2011

4. Hardware, Tool or DIY Product: Deadline 01/06/2011

5. Fitness & Outdoor Innovations: Deadline 01/11/2011

6. Health, Wellness, & Beauty Products: Deadline 01/13/2011


The process of taking each invention from concept to reality will be recorded and shown on PBS TV during season 4 of Everday Edisons.  The shows will also be shown on

All the legalistic stuff like what rights are you giving up by entering these competitions is spelled out under the Edison Nation's Frequently Asked Questions.  As usual, I suggest you read all the answers to these questions carefully before you consider entering. 

For complete information, visit Everyday Edisons.



Jan 14, 2011
by Anonymous


I am thinking about attending the INPEX Inventor Show in Pittsburgh in June. Anyone have any success or failure with this show?