5 Last Minute "Trashy" Kid Costumes Make A Green Statement

Why spend $15-20 (sometimes more) on a Halloween costume for your kid? Your child is only going to wear it once. For some ideas to make your own, take a look at the homemade eco-themed costumes below made by very innovative parents.



1. Halloween Costume: Recycle Bin Costume

via planetpals.comvia planetpals.com


This costume idea comes from planetpals.com and it comes with easy to follow instructions. You only need a few inexpensive recycled materials and a few hours to make it. Let your kids pick out the trash (from your real recycling bin) to put in her costume. Make several bins for several kids and your can have a green Halloween parade.


2. Halloween Costume: Wasted Food

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This is a great costume to help spread the word about all the food we waste everyday. It's a great way to reuse some of those containers from the kitchen before they are recycled. The rat and roaches are a great touch, but I would make them out of recycled plastic instead of buying them.


3. Halloween Costume: Toxic Waste

via coolest-homemade-costumes.comvia coolest-homemade-costumes.com


This costume can be found at the coolest-homemade-costumes website. It was brainstormed by a little boy and made by his mom Rebecca Z. from Rochester, NY, Monroe. It lights up! I'm not sure it is made of recycled material, but it can be.


via images.meredith.comvia images.meredith.com


These pair of homemade costumes and kids are adorable. Costume number 1 is a baby carrier disguised as a recycling can. Mom or dad can use to carry the baby around while following brother around Costume number 2 is for big brother and it's a recycling truck.


5. Halloween Costume: Trash Monster


My personal favorite is the Trash Monster. I made this costume for my kids last year for a costume birthday kid party. My girls loved it. They also helped me pick out the trash for the costumes. In short, we grabbed two gently used paper brown bags, cut them into vest like they do in school and then glued trash all over the vest. We did the same with the old beat up play hats. This year, I may also make some trousers.

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Oct 22, 2010
by Anonymous

Totally cute!

I LOVE Bio-hazard costume!

There are so many ways to create a great costume that is fun, cute, eco-friendly and fun. For me part of the Halloween experience is treasure hunting for the items that make the perfect Halloween costume(s).

One of the reasons I love thrift stores is because of the treasure hunt. Most times I won't find a treasure but on the trips I do it's literally a WooHoo moment. Anther idea is costume sawpping. Check out national costume swap day's website www.greenhalloween.org/CostumeSwap/
I believe they still have events in different areas happening.