The Last Straw: Ice Straws Are Totally The End!

With all of the restaurants in this country it is hard to imagine just how many plastic (and before that paper) straws are cluttering up landfills. The gross tonnage is probably jaw-dropping. At least there is something you can do at home to help alleviate the problem -- and it is fun and easy. Make your own ice straws.

 Ice StrawIce Straw

Not only are you keeping disposable plastic straws out of the environment, but using a really cool way to keep your drinks, well, cooler. Summer will never be the same again.

 Ice StrawsIce Straws

The easy to use ice trays allow you to create 8" long straws of ice. The mold makes six of them at a time. As the ice melts the secret is revealed in the form of a reusable straw that the ice freezes around. The ice straws are a great addition to any cocktail or dinner party. 

 Ice StrawsIce Straws

Switch things up a little and make the straws out of juice instead of water. Don't try it with alcohol though or you will be waiting a long, long time for those straws to freeze. However, having a cranberry juice straw in your orange juice would be lots of fun as the OJ morphs into a new taste treat as the ice melts.

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