Lastest Eyewear Technology Now Available: Self-Adjusting Eye Glasses!


A few years ago, we did a columm about AdSpecs, a new self-adjusting lens invented by British physicist Josh Silver for third world populations who do not have access to professional eye correction services.  Now, a newer technology, SlideLens, has furthered the development of self-adjusting lenses and has been commercialized to make adjustable eyewear accessible to everyone. 


Adjustable Readers: image via eyejusters.comAdjustable Readers: image via


Think about it. You read newspapers and hard-copy books at one distance, tablet and notebook computers at another distance, do crafts and hobbies at other distances.... And how far away do you have to hold food and personal care products these days to read the contents?

So, we need a variety of adjustments in our lenses to accommodate our changing distance needs, and a pair of prescription lenses may give us farsighters one or two different lenses, but they are fixed.  The material you are looking at, if you are wearing prescription lenses, must be held a specific distance from your eyes if you are to see them perfectly.

The Adjustable Readers have dual controls, one for each eye.  And they're not just for reading, as you can see by this chart....


Adjustable Readers example chart: image via eyejusters.comAdjustable Readers example chart: image via


SlideLens technology is accomplished by sliding two overlapping plastic lenses.  As you turn the knob for each lens, one lens slides along the other until your ideal vision is achieved.  It's similar to when you go to the optometrist and are asked to choose which of three or four lenses are optimal.  Only you get to operate the switch!

Now, if you also need distance glasses, for driving, let's say, then you will need a different pair of glasses specifically for that need. But the Adjustable Readers do allow you to do much more than reading.  They can help you see your food or your dinner companions clearly, for example!

The Adjustable Readers are now available at They won't be your most fashionable pair of glasses, but maybe when they get popular, they'll also get hot!

Certainly these glasses are worth trying out at about $50 a pair. And You have 3 months to test them and a money back guarantee if you decide they're not for you. I'm getting a pair; if they work, they're going to save me a lot of time looking around for each pair of reading glasses I own - 1.5 for the computer, 2.5 for books, 3.5 for package contents....

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