The Latest Diet Gadget: The Vibrating, Light-Flashing HAPIfork


One of the most popular booths at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was reportedly the HAPILABS booth where its new HAPIfork was presented to thousands of curious spectators. Well, it's not every day that you get to see a fork with flashing lights and vibrators at work.


HAPIfork diet systemHAPIfork diet system


The USB and Bluetooth versions of the new diet gadget were displayed at CES, each of which will be available for sale this year and, at a $99 price point, it might just be worth a try for those who eat like there's no tomorrow - too much and too fast.

You see, this electronic fork measures how much you put on each forkful and how fast you eat.  It records this information via USB or Bluetooth onto an 'online dashboard' where you come face to chart with your horrible fat-making eating habits.

But if that isn't embarassing enough, the fork's flashing lights and vibrator will totally disgrace you when your dinner companions come to understand that the fork is letting you know you're making a pig of yourself!

Okay, so you can employ the HAPIfork when you're on your own.  It just might help to change your eating habits - slow down and lessen the amount of food you take in each mouthful. There's been plenty of research supporting the healthfulness and weight control effectiveness of these behaviors.

The HAPIfork comes with HAPILABS app and a coaching program. Watch for its arrival this Spring.

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