The Latest Euro-Sport: Stooling

You know, knocking around a hacky sack or soccer ball is fun, but it's tiring. And when it's time to sit down, the only option you have is the ground--not so comfy. The soccer ball is unstable and the hacky sack would shoot right up your anus if you tried to sit on it.

What if there were a piece of sporting equipment that allowed you all the freeform showing off of hacky sack or soccer juggling with a built-in chair for when you need a break? Sounds ideal, doesn't it. 

Well, that, my friend, would be the Salzig Sporthocker--a sport stool brought to us straight from Deutschland. It's a dual-sided stool that lets you perform all kinds of acrobatics. 

Here's a description of stooling from those in the know: "On the sport stool, you can sit, stand, roll, slide, it can be thrown or twisted – there are no limits and every day new and challenging tricks come up. Creativity, control over the body, coordination and timing are needed but what the community already shows on the streets is breathtaking." 

As is often the case with new sports and activities its a little hard to really get stooling, without seeing it. So here's a clip showing you the wonderful, new world of sport stooling. 

Via: ISPO Brand New