The Latest Thing In Mobile Technology! The Handy Cooler

If you're going mobile, you can't stop with an iPhone or a netbook.  You've got to get a handheld mobile cooling fan.

The Handy Cooler is not just a cute little mobile fan. It's a desktop too, that can hook up to an electrical outlet, USB port, or run on batteries. And don't underestimate its power....

The Handy Cooler is a humidifier as well as a fan, great for dry climates, dry office settings, or airplanes.  The water-activated fan stores a highly absorbent sponge that releases its cool moisture in a very light mist, like a Fall day at the beach.  Great for dry sinuses!

So small (2.5 "x 2 x 7") and so light (7 ounces without batteries), you would not expect as many features, but the Handy Cooler's rotating turbine has adjustable speeds like larger fans.  And the Handy Cooler can reduce the surrounding temperature by up to 30°F, which is greater than some of the larger fans can achieve.

The Handy Cooler is a dandy mobile gadget, and you even get roaming minutes... up to five hours on four new AA batteries. Ooh, next time I go to a Met's game, or a tennis match, or play golf... Yes! I'm bringing my Handy Cooler with me!

Available in several cool colors from  


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Aug 3, 2009
by Anonymous


Great idea! I'll definite get one to beat my hot flashes! I've always looked for a fan that did more than simply blow hot air back into my face!

Aug 6, 2009
by Anonymous


i just got it a few days ago from their website and it works great. i love it. it comes with a USB cable so i just plug it into my computer and have it next to me while i am working. i like to put a little essential oil in the sponge so my whole room smell greatt!!! it even helps with my allergies. what more can i ask from this little air conditioner!