The Latest in Christmas Trees: 7 Modern Replacements for the Traditional Christmas Tree

Tired of the same old same old when it comes to Christmas trees? Is the traditional tree just not cutting it these days? Perhaps you'll have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees with the alternatives I've found (since some of these hardly qualify as "trees" in the first place), but on the eternal quest for variety and newness, here are some of the latest Christmas tree designs coming down the pike.


Modern Christmas Tree 7.
Eco-friendly "Green" Tree

Not very green "Green" treeNot very green "Green" tree

Available in three sizes, this plywood "Green" Xmas tree come flatpacked and is 80% more eco- friendly than traditional pine trees. Made with environmentally aware ingredients, they are CNC routered (a low-energy production technique) with waste material minimized by design. Plus, they can be used for several years to come. That is, if your children don't throw it out the window in protest. Buro North has a full report about its ecological benefits and analysis on his site.

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Modern Christmas Tree 6.
Merry Merry Tree Decal

Merry Merry to you!Merry Merry to you!

Next up is a contemporary idea for the unconventional set. "Merry Merry" decals further the concept of going green, eliminating the 3D tree altogether. This six-foot, die-cut vinyl wall sticker performs all necessary functions as the symbol of a Christmas tree -- it's just...not. This self-adhesive decal can be applied directly to the wall, and provides a quirky alternative for those short on space or the desire for following tradition. For $180 you can get your own Merry Merry tree, which comes with four ornaments and a star topper to "trim" it with. What a tree-trimming party that would be.

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Modern Christmas Tree 5.
Stray Dog Mini Trees

Pink Stray DogPink Stray Dogorange strayorange stray











For smaller spaces or for an extra splash of holiday fare, you could try these funky little tin numbers by StrayDog designs. They come in two sizes (20" or 25" high) and assorted colors, and a group of them could make for a really cool (albeit pricey) whimsical forest. An extra-large, 51" striped version is handmade in Mexico and comes with flower magnets to display pictures and holiday cards.

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Modern Christmas Tree 4.
The Yule Tree-to-Be Fir Planting Kit

Xmas tree of the futureXmas tree of the future

The Yule Tree-to-Be Kit is a really sweet way to celebrate the holidays. This kit is perfect for marking milestone events like a baby's first Christmas, or as an eco-friendly housewarming gift. The kit includes Noble Fir seeds, a stratification bag with a medium for germination, a growing medium, a seedling pot, and complete instructions. Then just sit back and watch the little sucker grow. That's if you water it.

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